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    About us    - We're a clan of friends who go from game to game for fun, ****s, and giggles; games that include Alliance of Valiant Arms, Blackshot, Karma Online, and many others that we just want to chill on. We show our clan pride by starting off our callsigns and usernames with "Luv". 

    Requirements -  An English speaker would be preferred.The clan LuvStrucks<3 uses Raidcall as a means of voice chat. For the Raidcall channel, ask for it when you sign up on this website. As we also play competitively, we would ask that anyone who wishes to join would have some skill at first person shooters. We also ask that anyone who wants to join should be friendly, and mature enough to be immature while having a fun time. 

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I'm in this! :D

LuvEvol, May 8, 12 12:02 AM.

Oh look, a tumbleweed.

LuvEvol, May 6, 12 12:24 AM.
After being horribly beaten by Monkey122, MetaGrave was offered pity and sympathy by the leader, and was given the title of Alpha Squad Leader. Lately, nothing exciting or out of the ordinary has happened. Half of our clan is running off to play Minecraft, while the other half is trying to be the best in everything in AVA. We've been holding a few recruiting games recently, but we have yet to find a person who's good at what he does (and speaks English. The people we deem decent speak braseilero :l ) Our leader is looking for ideas for a new montage, and other than following my suggestion to make a compilation troll vid, there's really nothing else he can do. Well, of course, he could always go back and make 5 star rated videos, with synchronized kills and beats, and zooming affects that sparkle and shizz. Well, there's something to be said about that.

LuvSuxs A.V.A Inventory and Clan Troll

LuvEvol, May 2, 12 7:03 PM.

The website is up!

LuvEvol, May 2, 12 1:35 PM.
‚ÄčAlright guys! *cracks knuckles* I've just finished setting up our new clan website! This website is definitely able to upload Youtube videos. Unfortunately, however, I can't upload an Alliance of Valiant Arms background without everything screwing itself over. This'll be how we can show off what we're currently doing in the clan, if RaidCall is unavailable for some ungodly reason, or if you're not part of the clan, and you want to know what we're up to.
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